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Every Christmas when the wind spins the snow around like a top and fuses with the scent of fresh pine, Kurt Purcell remembers the first time he met Andrea Wilson. It was at a holiday party that gave him a special gift: love at first sight. Of Body and Soul is the story of Andrea and Kurt, who believe they have found their true loves in each other. Andrea is a creative, sensitive artist; Kurt, a journalist, is intelligent, devoted and mysterious. But unknown to Andrea, he is scarred by memories of an abusive father that make him unwilling to have children. Nine months after they're married, their love is ripped apart when Andrea announces that they are going to have a baby. Unable to accept the news, Kurt pleads with her to have an abortion. When Andrea refuses, he walks out on her, putting into place a chain of events that will bring devastating crisis, profound change, and deep pain--but also lead to the kind of life-changing insights and revelations that heal both body and soul.

Agostino Rossini faces his greatest fear in Rosemary Dronchi's second Rossini Trilogy novel, which again links the beauty of the Italian countryside, the excitement of Prohibition-era New York City, and a gripping, high-stakes drama that pits brother again​st brother. In 1930, the aftermath of America's stock market crash begins to deepen into the catastrophes of the Depression. Having risked his life to bring the killer of his mother to justice and heal the trauma of his past, Manhattan entrepreneur Agostino Rossini nurtures his wife and young family and struggles to retain his business empire amid the economic crisis. Then he discovers that a contract has been put on his family's life--and that his half-brother, the assassin known as The Leopard, has come to New York City.If The Leopard is the killer hired to fulfill the contract, Rossini knows he faces a terrifying challenge: The Leopard is a meticulous, fearless predator known to fulfill his assignments at all costs. And since Agostino does not know who ordered the hit, stopping the Leopard alone will not be enough to protect everything he holds dear. While his peril grows and his understanding of his family's tangled past deepens, Agostino's lifelong faith in justice falters. He must call on all of his wealth, knowledge, courage and cunning as he takes on the most shadowy of opponents and faces the devastating aftermath of a secret that
has been buried for twenty-eight years.

With the colorful Italian background beloved in Mario Puzo and the epic drama of authors such as Ken Follet and Frederick Forsyth, Blood Feud is a story of survival, secrets, power, and the closeness and conflicts of family. Bestselling author David Hagberg, creator of more than twenty thrillers including Dance with the Dragon, calls Blood Feud "a fabulous first novel about one of the most fundamental of Italian obsessions...vendetta." 
It is 1906 when the illegitimate five-year-old Agostino Rossini witnesses his grandfather, Carlo Batista, murder his mother. By 1916, Agostino has immigrated to America, where he uses the opportunities provided by Prohibition and the booming stock market to build what seems like the perfect life. Inside, however, he remains emotionally frozen. He has no conscious memory of the killing, yet he is tormented by horrific nightmares he is unable to explain. When a chance experience resurrects his long-suppressed memories, the twenty-eight year old Rossini finally understands both the devastating dreams and his inability to commit to the loving family life he craves. The only way to heal himself, honor his mother and move beyond his painful past is to return to Italy to confront his grandfather, Carlo Batista. But Batista--a wealthy banker with ties to Mussolini, the Vatican and the Mafia--considers himself invincible except for the secret that only Agostino can expose. Rossini's determination to expose his grandfather's crime also puts him on collision course with the man known as The Leopard, Italy's most accomplished assassin and Agostino's half-brother. In the dramatic clash between the three men, Agostino's emotional as well as physical survival is put at stake. Will he find a way to avenge his mother without losing his own life...and be able to heal from the trauma of her murder enough to claim the life of trust, family and love that he craves?

rosemary dronchi