"Beginning with Blood Feud, continuing with Retribution, and concluding with next years Redemption, The Rossini Trilogy will appeal to lovers of rich historical fiction as well as fans of suspenseful drama. The tumult of Prohibition-era Manhattan as well as the traditional, tight-knit communities of Italy are colorfully evoked, while the story prompts us to think about what families keep secret and what they share."

                                           _ Suzanne Fox, author of

Home Life: A Journey through Rooms and Recollections and (as Suzanne Judson) Harpers Moon.

praise for rosemary dronchi's rossini trilogy 

"Mrs. Dronchi, a new voice on the scene of historical thrillers, has penned a fabulous first novel about one of the most fundamental of Italian obsessions...vendetta. In Blood Feud, Mrs. Dronchi pits an illegitimate son against his wealthy father and grandfather and the corrupt Prime Minister of the Italian government."

                                             _ David Hagberg, bestselling author of

                  Joshua's Hammer, Soldier Of God and Allah's Scorpion

the ROSSINI Trilogy By: rosemary dronchi

rosemary dronchi